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I'm a 33 year old mom of 4 who is looking to win the weight loss battle! 

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    Back in the saddle - The Whole 30 Diet - Week 16

    16 months ago

    So after giving up on my weight loss journey. I'm back! And more motivated then ever!

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    Week 5 - The Flu Diet

    18 months ago

    Week 5 of the 52 Diets in 52 weeks challenge. The Flu Diet. See how many calories one dieter loses when they spend a week with the flu.

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    Week 4 - Simple Calorie Counting

    14 months ago

    52 Diets in 52 weeks - Week 4 - Counting calories. See if the diet of the week, counting calories, works for this dieter.

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    Week 3 - The No "S" Diet

    14 months ago

    Week 3 of 52 diets in 52 weeks is the No S Diet. This diet limits snacking, sweets and seconds and has many followers.

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    Week 2 - The Jump Start Diet

    19 months ago

    Self Magazine's "Jump Start Diet" is the second diet in my 52 diets in 52 weeks series.

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    Week 1 - The 8 Hour Diet

    19 months ago

    The 8 Hour Diet is the first week-long diet in a 52 week diet plan. A proven method for weight loss that takes dieting and makes it easy.

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    Preparing for a Year-Long Diet Challenge

    20 months ago

    Mentally preparing for the "52 diets in 52 Weeks" challenge. Even though the commitment to each diet is only a week, the commitment to the challenge is for one year.

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    52 Diets in 52 Weeks

    19 months ago

    A diet plan for 2013 where every week is a new diet. Lose weight without getting bored! Follow along each week as I start a new diet and post the experiences and results of my week with that diet.

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